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Post Surgery and Post-Op Treatment

Post Surgery and Post-Op Treatment

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Lymphatic drainage is a light massage to the lymph nodes that helps to pump the lymph fluid through your lymphatic system. Sometimes the lymph’s can get blocked and through light strokes your therapist will unblock them.

The excess of lymphatic fluids in our bodies creates inflammation and pain. Through lymphatic drainage I will boost your lymphatic system to expulse the excess of fluid acquired after the surgery; helping you detoxify and reenergized naturally.

After a plastic surgery our bodies are sore. The excess of liquid between the skin and the muscle operated creates inflammation, pain, painful lumps/ seromas and skin hardening. Through lymphatic drainage and post-operative massage, I will help your system drain through urine or through the incision if it is still open.

Seroma Care

A seroma is a collection of fluid build up under the skin. After a plastic surgery is normal to develop seromas or skin hardening. These after effects are common and not always develop right away after the plastic surgery. With time seromas can become chronic but they can be treated.

Important facts to know about Lymphatic Drainage POST-OP / POST SURGERY:

  • Lymphatic drainage POST-OP is different than regular lymphatic drainage. Same concept different techniques. Your therapist needs to have the knowledge since each surgery has different requirements as to what areas can be treated.

  • A therapist that practice post-operatory treatments knows how to work with your drain, and help you drain through the incisions when they are still open.

  • After the first treatment you should see a big difference

  • Lymphatic drainage POST-OP not only accelerate the healing process, but is also the last step to maximum results after your plastic surgery.

  • Lymphatic drainage is also effective even a while after surgery. Even dough the lumps and skin hardening is now chronic lymphatic drainage will still work.

  • License, experience, and certifications are required make sure you therapist has all three.


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