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About Skinfit Face and Body

The place for natural women to relax


About Skinfit Face and Body

Skin Fit Face and Body is a space where you, a busy woman can STOP, relax and indulge in self.


We welcome you to a place where you can relax and we can pamper and focus on you !


We have many wonderful treatments available …


Calming facials that bring your skin back to radiance


Skin glowing facial treatments to help rejuvenate your natural beauty and reclaim your youthful appearance


Full-body massage that incorporates heated, soothing stones, for increased circulation.  The result is deep relaxation and a renewed sense of balance.


Relaxing body contouring treatments that will enhance your natural curves, using a gentle massage technique, our top of the line technology that is both painless and non-invasive.


My personal skincare journey and knowledge of esthetics has lead me to this exciting and rewarding industry. More than anything, I love learning about my clients needs and being able to share my knowledge to help them gain the results they are looking for.


I truly believe that treatments are not one-size-fits-all.  Before we start your session, we will discuss your concerns, expectations and goals to create a customized experience that will provide long term and long lasting results. I will guide you step by step and educate you along the way so you can learn too!


We strive to uplift and embrace the beauty of every woman, regardless of her body shape and complexion.

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